Weeknotes #3

Took a week off, sick(?). Back up and running.

Notes fro mthe week


Tests, tests. Still trying to figure out the benefits of object composition for the repos.

TWS abstract

Telemetry data app. Similar to the terrain statistics view in CalTopo


I was able to lead the spatial module again. It had been a while.


Simple, correct, fast: in that order

Drew DeVault link

Oh shit, my weekend project turned into an App Store Best New App

Tanner Christensen link

Came across this on hacker news. Scratch your own itch.


This weekend a friend and I cooked pasta and ragu from scratch. The recipe from the ragu came from Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat. It turned out great. A few things I need to do better for next time:

  • better mince the veggies
  • cook to sofritto for a little bit longer
  • less wine - I'm not a fan of that flavor
  • less cinnamon
  • more tomato paste

The pasta was great!

pasta and ragu