Weeknotes #5 - Reboot for 2020

Over the last few months I've been busy with the holidays. It started off with a hunting trip to eastern Nevada. Then spent a week in San Diego with family for Thanksgiving. Then a few weeks in Lake Tahoe for Christmas.


I spent some time over the holidays exploring 11ty. I've heard a lot about it and heard good things. I decided to use put together the website for the Nevada Chapter of the Widlife Society. In the past I've used Jekyll, Gatsby, Vuepress and Gridsome to build static websites and I can say that 11ty is great. Simple, easy configuration, tons of templating options.

My biggest problems so far, and not unique to 11ty, are working with TailwindCSS. Mostly it is styling the Markdown content. Tailwind has a very comprehensive CSS reset, it removes all the default styles. It's slightly annoying when bootstraping a simple project, but easy enough to fix.

Darknet Diaries

I managed to binge listen to all the episodes of this podcast while driving over the holidays. It's amazing. And definitely made me run through a security checklist or two.

Wildlife Funding

I did a little digging into the general idea that wildlife funding is decreasing as hunters age out and license sales decrease. I haven't finished looking into this, but hopefully I can get back into it soon.

A Bit of a Review - 2019

I read many year in review posts over the last week. A few of my favorites:

So I've decided to jump on the bandwagon.

Bullet Journal

I first heard about bullet journaling around 2017, probably my most productive use of Reddit. 2019 was the first year that I consistently used a bullet journal over the entire year. I mostly used it for note taking at work, and occasionally for keeping track of project tasks and ideas.

So far the most beneficial use of it has to better remember dates of events, meetings, etc. In the past I would just try to remember them, with decent success. However not having to remember dates and times has been liberating.

Work-Life Balance

Although not my choice, I've improved my work life balance. As long as working on side projects doesn't count as work.


I learned that I love cooking. I've tried over the years to like it, and finally it clicked. Perhaps it is the accumulated hours of struggling, crying my eyes out while cutting onions (shallots are the worse!). I've taken the approach of cooking the same thing over and over again until I've "perfected" it. A few of my favorites: brined pork chops, chili verde, corn chowder, BBQ Ribs, pulled pork, chili con carne. In 2020 a few recipes I hope to add to my repertoire: buttermilk biscuits, brisket, perfect roasted potatoes, spaghetti sauce.